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Naturally Acquisitive
Naturally Acquisitive
Paper, copper, paint, epoxy, wood, garnet, moss, wire, florists foam
16"h x 17"w x 9"d

Naturally Acquisitive

What does it mean to collect?

I’m often struck by how acquisitive the human species is, and fascinated by what industrious builders and collectors we are.

I love materials; wood, textiles, stone, metal, paper, glass, paint... I’ve never met a material I didn’t like, and discovering new ones fills me with wonder. I find it nearly impossible to stop myself from picking up a beautiful shell or stone when at the beach or out for a walk. I feel we have this inclination to collect that serves an important purpose. Not only do we collect objects, we collect friends, family, experiences, memories, dreams, thoughts and ideas.

“Like bees and birds and many other creatures, we human beings use instinctive behaviours to call forth one another’s attachment responses. We also have a kind of courtship dance meant to attract other people and to form connections with them. Undoubtably the most essential function of this dance, on par with procreation, is the collection of children.” (Neufeld, Gordon and Mate, Gabor. Hold On to Your Kids. Vintage Canada, 2004)